Andhra Pradesh became the first state in the country with three capitals

The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly on 20 January 2020 approved a bill to create three capital cities in the state. The YS Jaganmohan Reddy government introduced the bill in the assembly after approval from the cabinet. According to this bill, Visakhapatnam will be made executive, Amravati as legislative and Kurnool as judicial capital.

After passing this bill from the Legislative Council, Andhra will become the first state in the country to have three capitals. The government is calling this step necessary for the all-round development of the state. However, opposition to this move of the government has also started. Earlier, there were maximum two capitals of a state in the country. But Andhra Pradesh will be the first unique state in terms of its capitals.

Why does Andhra Pradesh government want three capitals?

On January 20, 2020, the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government introduced a three-capital proposal in the Assembly, which was approved. Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are also two capital cities. According to the new proposal, many government offices including the Chief Minister’s Office, Raj Bhavan and Secretariat will now be shifted to Visakhapatnam.

The High Court will be shifted to Kurnool. The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly will remain in Amravati. The Andhra Pradesh government behind the concept of three capital states that they want equal development of the three regions of the state – North Coast, South Coast and Rayalaseema.

The farmers protested

There is anger among farmers about the formula to create three capital cities in Andhra Pradesh. They are protesting. He took out a rally in Amravati against it. The former Chief Minister of the state has also voiced opposition to this. Prior to the cabinet meeting, former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu staged a protest outside the assembly with TDP leaders.

Andhra Pradesh compromises with the capital every time

Andhra Pradesh has to compromise the capital every time it changes boundaries. In the year 1953, when Andhra separated, Madras moved to Tamil Nadu. Similarly, in the year 2014, when Telangana became a separate state, Hyderabad came under the border of Telangana.